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Thinking about spending 10 months in Norway?
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Learn about Norwegian culture and the Norwegian language. Choose a year for life at Haugetun Folk High School! 


  • Location: Fredrikstad, Norway 
  • Student number: 115 
  • Starting date: 18th of August 2024
  • Finishing date: 11th of May 2025
  • Hours of tuition per week: 29 (Monday – Saturday)
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Study courses

Great range ofoptions: we offer a total of  6 study courses to ourEnglish-speaking students!  

Are you an active or a creative type of person? Maybe you’d like to try something new? 

Read more below.


Focus on cars, racing, gokart, action and adrenaline!

Things we focus on:  

  • Car repair and maintenance  
  • Go-kart driving 
  • Summer and winter rallying 
  • E-sports/simulator-based driving 
  • Knowledge about and insight in F1 (Formula 1) 
  • Keeping the body fit by exercising – with focus on strength and endurance 

Eivind Storeheier has been working at Haugetun for more than 25 years (!). This reliable and down-to-earth teacher is educated as a sports teacher. He knows how to make space for the individual in a group teaching situation, and has the ultimate experience needed to give you the best year possible. He has instructed (European) soccer teams on his sparetime for eight years.  

Eivind is assisted by Ole Martin Syverstad when teaching Racing+. Ole Martin has specialized knowledge about car mechanics – and is also the school’s main janitor!   

Are you ready for a year with motor sports, speed, engine oil and dirt on your hands? Apply for Racing+ for an adventurous year!


Exercise, friendship and competition – try out the SMASH! Racket-course!

At Smash we’re going to be active with rackets. Padel tennis, table tennis and squash will not be unfamiliar words to you throughout this year. We strive to challenge you no matter what level of skill you’re at. There will be focus on the joy of «owning what you do», mastering your own techniques, as well as getting in shape and growing as an athlete. You also get to take part in activities together with the other Active-students («PT/Pulse» + «Music, Travel and Culture»).

Apply for SMASH! Racket now!


Focus on action, exercise, nutrition and health!

Maren Pallotta: the knowledgable and caring teacher of this course has a background as a personal trainer (PT). Her interests and experience include martial arts, jiu jitsu, Brazilian jiu jitsu and self defence. By also having a degree as a nurse – Maren ensures that all of her students get a good insight into the topic of health and nutrition, as well as an individual feed-back on their personal training throughout the year.

A healthy body gives a healthy mind! And; little changes can give great results!

Apply for PT/PULSE!


Would you like to get a taste of life as an entrepreneur, develop your own projects, learn about marketing and become inspired to get out of your comfort zone? 

Things we do: 

  • Play 
  • Work on our creativity 
  • Develop our own, as well as other people’s, ideas 
  • Train on our ability to go through with something 
  • Visit successful companies  

Erik Øysæd: this open-minded, experienced and multitasking teacher is in it to give you a meaningful student experience at Haugetun. After working in television production for more than 20 years, Erik has a great contact network and super media skills he is more than happy to teach and share with his students. Erik has a passion for entrepreneurship, groundbreaking new ideas and new media products emerging from current students as well as alumni from Haugetun!

He’s the teacher of both study courses «Creative E-sports» and «Innovation and Marketing».


Would you like to combine your interest in e-sports with being in a creative environment together with the «Innovation»-group at Haugetun? You are welcome to try out «Creative E-sports»!  

Projects we might dive into: 

  • Develop new concepts within E-sports 
  • Make, develop and strengthen own gaming profile 
  • Live-streaming 
  • Learn how to build, market and sell your team 
  • Improve your physical and mental health, get in shape! Learn why eating healthy and working out improves your overall results and life quality.  
  • Develop products in media such as podcasts, videos, etc. 
  • Compete in tournaments  
  • Have a fun and playful year! 

Erik Øysæd: this open-minded, experienced and multitasking teacher is in it to give you a meaningful student experience at Haugetun. After working in television production for more than 20 years, Erik has a great contact network and super media skills he is more than happy to teach and share with his students. Erik has a passion for entrepreneurship, groundbreaking new ideas and new media products emerging from current students as well as alumni from Haugetun!

He’s the teacher of both study courses «Creative E-sports» and «Innovation and Marketing». 

Focus on your interests, dig into new projects and enjoy new international friendships! We also have great business partners in order to give our students the best.


Would you like to devote the upcoming school year to music –  listening, producing, recording and performing? Would you like to combine this with some travel experience within Europe?  

What’s in the study course: 

  • Recording your own music in a professional studio 
  • Learning how to write your own songs from a well-known artist 
  • Travelling to London and Barcelona 
  • Experiencing different genres in music 
  • Going to concerts in the local area (Oslo, Gothenbug, etc.) 
  • Learning how to host concerts and music events 

Leif Bråten: this musically gifted teacher has been a music teacher for more than 25 years (!) at Haugetun. Leif’s versatility and passion for music shows not only in his professional work, but also in his spare time – where he also works as vocal instructor for children and youth, as a sound technician, a CD-recording agent for kindergartens, primary schools, bands, and assists in other small projects for local artists. He is responsible for more than 200 CD-productions over the last 10 years. Leif knows how to conduct a choir, plays the piano, the bass as well as guitar. His great skills and knowledge, trained musical ear, and friendly personality – makes him the best possible teacher for your soundful year with us at Haugetun! 

Immerse yourself in your music interest, become better at it – and enjoy sharing it!

Don’t be afraid to use your talent, apply for «Music, Travel and Culture» now! 

I was able to adapt to the culture and language while making memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. If you want to experience the best year of your life, free from academic responsibilities, while learning life skills, traveling, making friends from around Norway (and the world) – choose Haugetun!
Marlena, California, USA
Academic year
  • 18.08.2024 (Sunday): School opening day, first day
  • 28.09.2024-06.10.2024: Autumn/fall break
  • 19.12.2024-12.01.2025: Christmas break
  • 15.02.2025-23.02.2025: Winter break
  • 12.04.2025-22.04.2025: Easter break
  • 11.05.2025 (Sunday): School closes, last day
Still not convinced?
  • Diversity: we have a vast range of students with all kinds of backgrounds, value sets and interests!


  • Dedicated staff: our teachers do everything they can in order for you to have an amazing folk high school experience! We strive towards giving you a sense of direction throughout the year – as well as providing a positive and flexible student environment.


  • Location: if you want close access to both nature and city life – look no further! Haugetun is located between the cities of Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg, as well as in close proximity to forests, the river Glomma, and the coast line at Hvaler.


  • Christian school: as believers of the teachings in the Bible, we think that our Christian values should be visible to those that have other beliefs. This means that we respect the people around us, we make space for the really deep conversations about life, and we offer a safe haven for those students that just need strong, reliable and safe staff around them. We are here for YOU, and our school is for everyone.


  • Food: our school kitchen offers four delicious meals per day, all of them of great nutritional value. We offer special diets according to your need (extra fee for special diets). Vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and or lactose-free, etc. There is also an additional student kitchen if you’d like to cook your own food. Please note your diet preferences in your application. 
Application process

We recommend to start the application process as soon as possible, latest by the 1st of April 2024. Howeveryou are welcome to apply at any time.

  1. Click here to send in your application in English 
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation that we have received your application by e-mail (please check your «junk mail»). 
  3. You’ll possibly get an official offer – we make a decision on whether or not we can offer you a school place. 
  4. If you get an offer from us; you accept the offer within 10 days by  
    1. sending us an e-mail and accepting the offer.
    2. paying the registration fee of 2.500,- NOK. 



Students from the other Nordic countries are on an equal basis as Norwegian students regarding application. 


For students from inside the EU/EEA area the requirement for a pre-paid subsistence guarantee fee does not apply, but you have to register as a student at UDI  


  • In addition to the registration fee of 2.500 NOK, we require pre-payment with a guarantee fee for the academic year of 2024-2025 within 30 days after you have accepted our offer of a school place. You’ll get an e-mail with more detailed information after registration.  


  • The guarantee fee for the academic year of 2024-2025 is 116.386 NOK. The price is regulated yearly on a national level by «Folkehøyskolerådet». The set amount will be available before 1st of November 2023.  


  • For our international students the guarantee fee is a guarantee sum that ensures the best facilities for you as a student, it typically includes these costs for the whole year:
    • Housing
    • Tuition fee
    • Diet cost
    • Partial funding of some of the school trips/excursions. 
  • The final price for the whole year is determined by the number of school trips that the particular student participates in, and is always a reflection of the actual school expenses for that student. Please note that the final price is different for each study course. Don’t be afraid to contact the reception, should you have any further questions – we will do our best to reply as well as we can. 
  • After payment you also need to apply for a study permit at UDI. 


Further information may be found on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). Please note that we return the full pre-paid guarantee fee – should your application for a study permit at UDI get rejected.   

Our contact info

You are welcome to contact us for any of your questions. Our school secretary is bilingual in English and Norwegian, and would be happy to assist answering your inquiries: haugetun@haugetun.no. 

Haugetun Folk High School, Haugetunveien 3, 1667 Rolvsoy, Norway 

Phone number of school reception: (+47) 69 36 27 20 (open weekdays at 9.00 – 14.30 Norwegian time) 

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